Saturday, June 6, 2015

Question about Vogue 1422

Vogue 1422 front
Vogue 1422 I love the simple lines, especially for summer
There have been so many changes in our lives over the last year that I have been a bit neglectful about the blog. Now that school is out, I will have a little more time to blog. Oldest Son is getting married this summer, so I will have a dress or two or even three to share. I also need some basics. I've it has been almost a year and a half since I started the ready to wear fast and it keeps getting easier to not buy clothes.

I have a couple of projects in the works. And may do some brief posts on them. I also have some that I have finished, that may also get a brief post.

I am currently cutting out patterns for
dresses that I want to make. Most of them are going to be made from stash fabrics.

Vogue 1422 v-back
Vogue 1422 The v-back shows a touch of flare.
I am currently trying to figure out Vogue 1422, which will be made out of a linen from my stash. It has 3 different linings listed. One of them is for organza in the skirt. I have a silk organza
that I am using for this. Looking at the pattern, the way the organza is used will be pretty cool. Another lining is for lining the skirt, under the organza layer. I am debating on using silk habotai or woven cotton from my stash.

The lining that baffles me is the stretch mesh for the bodice lining. When I put the facing, bodice lining, and fashion fabric pattern pieces together, the inside and outside were exactly the same size. The markings and cut lines all looked exactly the same size. The inner stretch mesh lining would not have room to stretch without putting stress on the outer fashion layer. I am imagining that the inside would also be uncomfortable and not breath while possibly stretching out and causing bunching and visible lines. I am considering making the lining out of either a woven cotton or silk habotai unless there is a good reason to use the stretch mesh.

I emailed Vogue Patterns early Friday evening, so I will have to wait until next week for their reasoning.

Has anyone made Vogue 1422?

How would you approach this?


  1. Glad to see you are back! Congrats on the upcoming wedding.

    I love this dress but have yet to make it so I cannot be helpful...anything on pattern review??

    1. I'm glad to be missed, but it would be better if I were blogging more consistently.

      My first search was Then Google. There is only one dress, but if no remember correctly, she did the lining differently.

      My thought is that if the bodice lining is a stretch mesh, it should have negative ease to provide a slimming effect. That would be nice, but I prefer comfort to vanity during summer heat. Hopefully, pinhead back from Vogue. I plan to wear it to the bridal shower in a few weeks.

  2. Exciting news on the wedding front congratulations- lovely shaped dress - alas no reason for the mesh lining - i assume that the bodice is not cut on the bias giving it some stretch ?

    1. I am very excited to have our son's fiancee to join the family. She is absolutely wonderful!

      I love the shape of this dress. I know some were saying that it is very plain, but there are some construction techniques that are pretty cool and give the shape. The bodice is cut straight on the grain. I know I will be making some adjustments after working on the muslin.

  3. I just made this dress out of a slightly metallic linen to wear to my sister's wedding, and I was surprised to see so few posts and reviews on it. I decided to pass on the stretch lining and lined the entire dress in Bemberg. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

    1. Sounds like we think alike using linen. I couldn't find a picture of your dress. Do you have one posted?

      I love the timeless simple elegance of the silhouette. I am being slow with this dress, but I absolutely love how it is coming together. I should be done on Monday with a post close to follow.

  4. I haven't posted a full picture yet, although you can see an in progress shot of the inside where I accidentally cut a giant hole in the lining on my Instagram (darciba).

  5. Annette, I hope you are doing well and finding some time to sew. I've been so busy as well and haven't had time to blog. Hope you come back soon.

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