Monday, December 29, 2014

This is that awkward post.

You know that awkward communication when you haven't been in touch for a while? You know, the one where you have soooooo much to say, but don't know what to start with or how much to say. Well, this is that post.

It is amazing how quickly the last few months slipped away, but the sewing has been slow. Only a couple garments, some quick little projects for a friend, and a little knitting and crocheting for Christmas gifts.

Remarkably, I have been able to stay on the Ready-to-Wear Fast. I was actually willing to break it at Thanksgiving. I had taken my boys to find something presentable to wear with a houseful of relatives that we just don't see often enough. In fact, I actually looked and looked for something, anything new that I could wear for Thanksgiving. No luck. I couldn't find anything that I thought was worth