Saturday, August 23, 2014

Women's Ottobre Autumn/Winter 2014

I've gained weight these last few months. This tends to stop my sewing. I have a couple of projects to blog about, but right now I want to look forward.

Since I will be homeschooling this year, I won't need a huge wardrobe. My clothes will need to be more on the comfortable playing around the house, going on outings, going to church and church activities and of course driving the homeschool bus.--I saw the bumper sticker somewhere and loved it. We just don't do bumper stickers.

I'm not sure if the oversize, long shirt is good for my short body, but the jeggings are on my my list
to be made. In fact, I have aleady bought the fabric. The look on the right is also on my list. I have  been
mentally going through my stash for the fabrics. I have the tights, but I will need to use different boots. 

I had been thinking about making a more comfortable knit based wardrobe for fall. Ottobre Design's Womens' issue
showed up just as I was wondering what I should do with my wardrobe planning. I am still on my ready-to-wear fast and have not cheated once. I was tempted once but the quality just didn't draw me in enough to actually pick anything up.

These jeans are on my list and I may already have the fabric. The jacket is on my list, but it will
come after some other projects first. I really like the asymmetric zipper.

So, back to the Ottobre Design's. I have always liked fall clothes, but not necessarily the colors. I like the comfortable fit. The leggings or tights with skirts, long or short. I like the sweaters and layering. It helps to hide weight changes, too.

I love the jeggings. I have already ordered some black fabric for them. I will post about the fabric once I have it in my hands. Adult Daughter wants a pair, too. We may work on them together.

I really like this top. It is asymmetric with rushing on the right. I am not sure if my stash has the right fabric.
If I have the fabric, I will make it soon. Otherwise, I will put it on the "sew later" list.
I am not sure about the dress/tunic. I keep wanting it, but then changing my mind. I may have the fabric in my stash.

Here is a better look at the jeggings. I really am excited to get started on these. Why can't stuff be
shipped and delivered on the same day?  I also like this coat. I need a new coat, but I'm not sure this is the right time or year. Again, it is on the list. This poor list is getting long and feeling neglected.

Looking at this layout, it looks like I want to make about half.
Of this issue of Ottobre Design's, I am hoping to make the cami, the asymetric jacket, the asymetric tee, the dress tunic at the top, the jeggings, the leggings, the jeans, the full skirt, the hoody and the coat. I will be satisfied if I sew half of these.

Do you have any favorites from this issue?


  1. I wondered what brought your sewing to a halt. Yes, I think planning to make some quick, simple clothes so you look good and feel good quickly is a good idea :)

    1. I really miss the sewing. Sometimes the quick projects get us back in the sewing groove best.

  2. I have never used an Ottobre pattern. I like the jacket with the sideways zip as this is very similar to the PPP#4 for boys zippy jacket.

    1. The Ottobre patterns are color coded and overlapping like Burda. I was thinking the same thing about the sideways zip jackets. I hope Youngest Son doesn't catch on!

  3. I am so glad to see you back!!! The Ottobre Woman's issue looks great for Fall/Winter! I really like all of the pieces you showed, especially the jeggings.

    1. I hope to stay back now. Hopefully, nothing gets in the way. I probably won't be as often. I am shooting for constant. I ordered enough jegging fabric for both my daughter and myself. I am trying to decide on topstitch color with black.

  4. Wowoeee there's some fabulous items there -not surprised you fancy doing so many of them ear marked a fair few straight off my self- sounds like you will be busy but don't put yourself under pressure lovely to see you back again xx

    1. Thanks, Amanda. I think doing five will be a good goal. They look like quick sews once the patterns are traced and cut. I will definitely blog about the progress.

  5. Hey Annette! How are things??

    Hopefully you're able to sew and sew and sew lately! :)

  6. LOL. I love all the same things you loved! I am not brave enough to tackle the jeans but I just loved this issue. I am also on the fence with the tunic. I REALLY love it but am not sure it will love me back. So good hear from you.

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