Friday, August 22, 2014

Perfect Pattern Parcel #4--All About Boys!!!!

Boys Vest
Who can resist a boy in a vest?
I have started so many blog posts in the last few weeks, but I'm finishing about as many projects as posts. Life has been crazy busy and sometimes just a bit crazy.

Adult Daughter has moved back home after an illness. Unfortunately, when she moved out a few months earlier, we gave Youngest Son back his room. He also had a room makeover. He is still expecting some pillows for his reading corner. The fabric is cut, the stuffing is out, and the machine is still on the shelf. The poor child also requested a new quilt. I reminded him that that can take months or years. He's okay with that.

Cute details on this shirt for the little guy.
I also changed up our family room and connected kitchen. We went from a deep plum Venetian plaster, to a brighter gold. It really lightened up the room and almost matches the living and dining rooms. I also bought the red faux leather couch with chaise and ottoman that I have wanted for years. I did all this while Mr. Toad and the two youngest were camping for five days. They were very shocked at the change. They were surprised that just the paint and new couch could make.

I'm curious about how these will
look on my guys. I know I will need
to grade up for Middle Son.
Another change that occurred while Adult Daughter was away is that we have made the decision to home school, Middle Son and Youngest Son. It has always been in my mind as an alternative since Oldest Son, now 25, started school. I truly do not think that our school systems are designed for most boys. I actually did my master's project on gender differences and learning. It is something that I feel is getting worse. In fact, some believe that males are becoming an under-represented group in college. I am now stepping off of my soap box.

Youngest Son has requested this one.
The makeover and scheduling changes mean that Adult Daughter is sleeping on the couch. The goal was to move her into the sewing/dump room. After doing the painting, I ran out of steam. I still need to sort and move fabric, sewing stuff, treadmill and exercise bike so that we can put the futon in. We're almost there, but school started.

So, back to sewing....

This is Youngest Son's Favorite!
A Knight Hoody!!!
It is available for a $26 or more donation.
I received my women's Ottobre and will go into more detail on that later. While looking for the fabric for my selections for my fall wardrobe, I found the Perfect Pattern Parcel #4! It is for BOYS!!!

Of course, I bought it.

I even have approval, and even requests, from Youngest Son to make most of the patterns. Unfortunately, I may need to grade some of the patterns to fit Middle Son and most if Oldest Son decides he any of these.

If you are not familiar with Perfect Pattern Parcel, it's proceeds go to support both Indie Designers and Schools. So, here is a link. Hopefully, I will get to these before he outgrows all of the patterns!


  1. I was incredibly excited to see boy patterns. My son feels left out when I cannot find good patterns for boys. I bought instantly. The only disappointment was that some of the patterns have sizes up to 8 or 10...I also bought Pattern Revolution's Bundle up Sale ( -- they are featuring boys patterns with sizes up to 18 and you have a variety of choices.

    Good luck with the home schooling -- if I had more time I'd follow that same route. Nice to see you blogging again.

    1. I need to be careful with what I buy for the boys. They really only like a couple of styles. Youngest Son actually will only wear about three pairs of pants and loves the Joann's t-shirts and the Ethan button down shirt. Middle Son is almost as bad.
      I'll occasionally update on the homeschooling. It has been interesting. I hope that I can keep sewing with them at home. I may have to bribe them--schoolwork for clothes!

  2. Nice! I have never purchased a PPP before, but this one looks super! My son would love it for sure, though I am having a hard enough time keeping my butt in gear with sewing for myself. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes with homeschooling.

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