Thursday, May 1, 2014

Two Quick Tees

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Doesn't this fabric look like brownies?
One of my boys says it looks like
dinosaur skin. Maybe they need
One Tuesday, with only a couple of days until Me-Made-May starting, I decided that the best way to avoid being topless in May, was to make some quick tops. I had made a list of what I have that I can be worn in May and what I need to have complete outfits. I then proceeded to the fabric store to fill in the wardrobe.

I am rather proud of myself, I have managed to sew 3 of the six fabrics that I bought. I have one more on the cutting mat and the pattern next to it. I also have one in the wash and one in the dryer. I'm on a roll.

A few months back, I had bought a Craftsy class called  Sewing With Knits (affiliate link). Its focus is on five wardrobe basics. There is a dress, yoga pants/shorts, skirt, pull-over hoody, and tee. The tee has a v-neck and scoop
neck and three sleeve lengths. These are basic tees. Nothing fancy. Just my style.

T-Shirt pattern from
Sewing With Knits (affiliate link)
I made the double layer brown jersey. It looks like the fudgy brownies my mom used to make. You know, the ones with the crinkly cracked top...yum. This is actually two layers that are somehow put together. I believe it is a rayon/poly/lycra knit. I'm not sure. It is definitely a great knit to sew, no curling and great recovery.

The pattern for the scoop neck is a back, a front, a neck band and two sleeves. The sleeves are the same front and back, don't spend time trying to figure out which is the front and which is the back. They are the same.

It goes together pretty fast. Sew the shoulders. Sew the sleeves in, sew the sides from the sleeve hem to the torso hem, add the neck band, hem the sleeves and the torso hem.

A great, easy sew to pull one out of the sewing funk. It was so fast and easy to sew, I immediately started another in a burnout turquoise jersey.

Two new tees in just a few hours.

Then I started a Sorbetto. More on that later.


  1. You create such wonderful things -- can't wait to see them on you!

    1. Thanks, Annie. I will be wearing them for MMM14 and posting them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I also made a page on my blog with me wearing them for the real world.

  2. Nice! I am working on some knit tees also. The crinkly brownie shirt is my fave!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. You make nice tees. The crinkly brown was my favorite, too. Until I tried the burnout turquoise. I actually bought it to wear with two makes I already have. The brown one makes me want to find a vegan brownie recipe that makes the crinkly top for my dairy allergy boys.