Sunday, May 4, 2014

Comox Trunks--Mr. Toads New Drawers

Comox Trunks Cheetah
Cheetah wearing Comox Trunks watching
How serious can we be when sewing a pair of underwear for our guy? It is one of those delicate subjects that either needs to be discussed delicately or with complete humor. I will attempt to be mature in this matter.

This is the new Comox Trunk from Thread Theory. I wasn't sure if I would buy this pattern, but when they were having a sew along and it was discounted I just had to buy it. It is available as a pdf and as a downloadable pattern. I seem to be a glutton for punishment, so I downloaded it.

Of course I downloaded it and attempted to print before I realized I was almost out of ink. This stopped me in my tracks. I think my printer is almost as important for my sewing as my sewing machine and serger. I decided to use the horribly almost out of ink pattern and it took some guesswork in cutting out the pattern.

Since I had made a pair of the Jalie Long Johns for Mr. Toad, which is a longer version of their boxer brief, I had some confidence. Maybe, a little too much confidence. I got started and made a few mistakes because I had the instructions and the sew along on my laptop--five feet from my work area--and I just started sewing using my memory. I'm sure you're thinking, "What did she do wrong?"

Comox Trunks- Front
Comox Trunks-Front
Manny the Manequin isn't very good at modeling
underwear. These look much better on Mr. Toad.
Well, I sewed a couple things upside down, another to the wrong piece. Now, in my defense, I was sewing while very distracted. I was having one of those days that had me wondering if I could take a leave of absence until my kids could figure themselves out. I decided to deal with my kids and let these drawers sit for a while.

I decided to start over and recut the pieces I had destroyed. That was all but two.

So, back to the actual sewing. I used a cotton lycra left over from a pre-blog dress I made for Adult Daughter's 21st birthday using Vogue 8705. You can see it on Pattern Review. It is perfect for this pattern.

Having seen the first attempt, Mr. Toad had requested that the seams on the front cup be away from the inside. He didn't think that he wanted the rough seams on that particular part of his body. This was easy to do.
Rear view Comox Trunks
Rear veiw of Comox Trunks.
This photo makes me laugh. The lines on the
legs are where Manny's legs attach. He also
doesn't have much in the Trunk.

I actually followed the directions in the sew along, except for the seam along the inside of the cut and the band on the front openings. I doubled the trim piece, wrong sides together, lined them with the curved edge of the front opening, then opened it and top stitched to hold the seam allowance down.

One warning. I pinned the front panels together instead of basting. I had Mr. Toad try these on before adding the elastic and hemming. Make sure to warn the person trying them on if there are pins.

When not distracted, this was an easy sew. Just follow the directions.

I am sure that I will be making more of these, when Mr. Toad needs new underwear. I believe that the pattern is small enough for Middle Son. I'm just not too sure how that will go over in the middle school locker room.


  1. I want to make these for my guy soon. I am actually tackling underwear for me this week!

    1. There are a lot of seams in these and I thought that they would bother Mr. Toad. He was surprised that the seams didn't cause problems. I'm waiting for a report after wearing his uniform and with jeans. I'm hoping I will have a positive update.
      I have everything I need to make some for me. I just keep finding other things to do.

  2. I'm not showing these to my DH, in case he wants some!! They look great.

    1. Sarah Liz, these are really quick and easy to make. They are probably easier to make if you've never made men's underwear and get too confident like I did. These also look much better on Mr. Toad than on Manny. I might make another pair and show the details using a contrasting thread.

  3. This post totally makes me laugh! I love how you tackled the touchy subject of modeling men's underwear. I may have to make some for my hubs.

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I think you should tackle these. Your hubby will definitely thank you. If you want to be amused the first couple posts and the the last post of the sew along had me laughing out loud. She discussed the most delicate fitting and design choices as well as photographing. Definitely worth the read.

  4. Forget hubby I know I would totally make some underwear for a stuff animal! :) He's a boxer man anyway so they would go unloved, but I didn't know that they had a 3 for 20 deal on their so maybe he might get something after all.

    1. I've been thinking of making some boxers for Mr. Toad and my boys. I might have the boys make them themselves as a way to learn and have a wearable finished project. There are a lot of boxer patterns.