Monday, April 14, 2014

Vogue 8759 & More Matching Plaid

Vogue 8759
I guess I haven't had enough button down shirts or of matching plaids. Before I begin shorts for the boys, I decided Mr. Toad needs a new shirt for Easter.

I've had 8759 since it came out. It has been cut and ready to go. It even had water spilled on it by a kid who left their water class near my sewing.

I have multiple patterns short sleeve shirts for Mr. Toad, but they have one piece collars. Mr. Toad has a longer neck that looks better with a collar with a separate sew on collar band.

This pattern is designed a little slimmer than some of my older patterns. In fact, it has prince seams in the back, replacing the back pleats. 

100% Cotton Madras
The new plaid right out of the dryer.
I will be ironing before cutting.

Now, I'm sure everyone is getting tired of all this plaid and matching. I may be also, but each plaid has its own challenge and needs to be examined before cutting. That is where the preparation becomes an important part of sewing. 

I bought this yesterday at my local Hancock Fabrics for a quick fabric fix. It is a 100% Madras on sale for $4.50 a yard after all discounts and coupons. I got 3 yards so that I could have a little extra for matching and to add an inch or so to the length.

I brought it home and threw it in the washer on hot with an extra rinse followed by a hot dryer. I wanted to abuse it and have it shrink now or have any other issues come out before sewing it. I probably will wash it in cool and hang to dry, but this is the abusive preparation. It came out pretty nice. It should be very nice to wear during our summer heat. Even better, it will be easy to take care of by washing, hanging to dry and a quick iron. 

If you look at the plaid, you will notice that it is asymmetrical. Each rectangle is the same--white frame around a four square block. I will need to be sure to match up the white lines. It shouldn't be too difficult, until the line drawing is examined. Those two back seams could cause trouble. 

V8759 back
Vogue 8759
In examining the pattern, I decided to eliminate those back seams. I just pinned them together by overlapping 5/8 inch at the top and the bottom. I will be eliminating some shaping, but most men's shirts don't have much shape. There should be enough ease, to be okay. 

Looking at the back view, I think there is more than enough ease. However, I have no idea how this guy is shaped. I used my tape measure and attempted a tissue fit on Mr. Toad. Have you ever attempted to have a fitting for a man? They are worse than children. At least children can be bribed. Mr. Toad just fidgets and wants to be somewhere else.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Annie. Let's see how this goes together. I'm still deciding on how to treat the plaid before cutting.

  2. WOW! You are blowing though some button ups. So impressed. They are my least favorite thing to make (takes so long) and my most favorite thing to wear. You all are going to look fantastic on Easter!

    1. I'm definitely speeding through these. I've found that it takes about 5 hours to make a shirt after figuring out how I'm going to cut them. I might not get anything new for Easter, but my boys will looks good!

  3. That is so awesome, Annette. You're now an expert at these button-ups. Can't wait to see the final product.

    1. Thanks. I've actually been practicing the sewing technique. I really want to learn to draft, too.