Monday, April 7, 2014

Using Free Patterns to Get Through Sewing Funk

Collette Sorbetto Top
Sorbetto Top
I've been cruising through sewing blogs the last few days because I just am having trouble getting into my projects. Having gained a little and having done some shape shifting, I'm hesitant on starting something that may not fit. Apparently, I'm not alone.

My decision while I am waiting for my weight to decide what it's plan is, I will sew for my boys and some quick things for myself that does not need much fitting.

I sewed the Kirsten Kimono Tee from Maria Denmark. I have a couple more fabrics that I would like to try. I also have the Sammy Cami from The Sewing Space, the Sorbetto Top from Colette Patterns to try. These are all free downloadable patterns. I like that these are sleeveless and except for the Sorbetto, they are knit.

I might use these to lighten my fabric stash a bit.

While visiting The Sewing Space, I took a look at the Jess Jean. This is not the typical jean. It has an exposed front button fly, welt front pocket and a contoured waistband. There are no pockets in the back. Of course, I'm not taking on a jean right now.

The Sammy Cami can be made in a variety of knit fabrics--just make sure it has lycra! I actually want to make one to wear under my Marfy 1913. I thought about wearing it the other day and realized that it is a little too sheer for my comfort level. I already have some beige power net and some elastic lace. I'm thinking this may be my homemade spanx camisole. I also want some other colors to wear under a couple other shirts.

Iconic Sammy Cami
Sammy Cami
The Sorbetto is another two piece pattern and it has a pleat/tuck down the front. My mind is just spinning at the possibilities for this. I can see buttons, lace, ribbons, embroidery.... It's also nice because there are no facings. The neckline and armholes are finished using bias tape.

The Sorbetto reminds me of a blouse that I had about 15 years ago. It was fushia. It had the front fold/pleat/tuck, but it had more of a kimono cap sleeve, had a highter neckline and a little collar. The collar was similar to a Peter Pan collar, but instead of being round on the front, it was pointed. It buttoned in the back. It was such a simple blouse and I could throw it in the washer, hang it up and it was ready to go!

I guess I wouldn't call what I'm going through a sewing funk, but more frustration. I have tons of items that I need because of the ready to wear fast, but don't want to sew until I know how I will be shaped.

Luckily, my boys will be getting Easter outfits to help me get through this.


  1. That's just where I am too! I don't really want to sew too many things for myself right now. I think I will make some knits and the couple of outerwear pieces I want.

    I'm going to be sewing some things for my daughter since it looks like we're going to be warming up a bit here.

    Have fun sewing Easter outfits! :)

    Also, I *MUST* make that cami. I have it printed and everything!

    1. I'm working on one Easter shirt, but I don't think it's very Eastery. It is good toads.wife the kids when I don't want to sew for me. I think that's why I started sewing for them!

  2. I love the Sorbetto! I had to make some modifications but nonetheless, it is such a quick sew. I am not a sleeveless fan so I added sleeves (A la Mena Trott).

    1. I'm going to be super lazy with the Sorbetto and make it as is with no modifications. Not quite a wearable muslin, but more of a test run. I have some ideas from my stash. I have some ideas with some machine embroidery depending on how the test run goes.

  3. I am right there with you, too!! I thought about doing a simple project, but am hesitant to do so until I can figure out how I'm shaped. I keep working nightly on my sloper, but I am turning out to be more difficult to fit than I thought I would be! Enjoy Easter sewing. I have not decided whether I will sew anything for my daughter yet.

    1. Vanessa, I think the whole fitting thing has me frustrated. That's why I'm going for some knits. Knits are so forgiving. Once I have some projects crossed off, I will be back at my sloper. It seems so simple, but without a helper, it is turning into a nightmare.

  4. The shape problems - we all have them - mine in reverse, I should put on weight! The only thing you can really do is sew for now - if not, you are still not going to sew and you won't have things for now or then! It took me years to work this out, and I still am. Simple things that are quick to make should help out in this situation :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah Liz. I'm checking all of my casual and non-fitted summer patterns. I'm trying to gain inspiration. My daughter is also very thin and is trying to gain weight. The prejudices against the thin is horrible.