Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunshine & Shine On

Awards are such an honor.  I was nominated for the Sunshine and Shine On Award by The Sewing CPAThis award is meant to help you get to know your fellow bloggers better and network with other bloggers, as well as reveal fun facts about you to help your readers know you better.

Sun Shine and Shine On

Sunshine and Shine On Blogger Award

The Rules -       a) Use the
award logo in your post
                       b) Link to whoever nominated you
                       c) Write ten pieces of information about yourself
                       d) Nominate ten fellow bloggers ( or less if you have less followers) who positively and                                            creatively inspire others in the blogosphere
                        e)Inform the nominees on their blogs.

c) Ten pieces of information about myself:
  1. I am a homebody.
  2. I used to do triathlons.
  3. I live a low sodium, no added fat, plant based lifestyle.
  4. I became a math teacher, but only took one math class for my original undergrad degree. I took the classes I needed later, had others teach me, and studied independently to pass the competency testing.
  5. I have traced some of my genealogy back to 100 AD.
  6. I hate to shop--except for fabric and notions.
  7. I really want to learn pattern making--especially menswear. This is thanks to the limited number of quality men's patterns available. 
  8. I've taken several photography, Photoshop, web design and other digital art classes. Ha ha, I don't use them for my blog! 
  9. I listen to audio books while sewing. When I listen to music, I end up singing and dancing.
  10. I have a sewing room, but choose to sew at the dining table to be closer to my family.

d) My nominees:
  1. Maris at Sew Maris
  2. Katrina at Susie Homemaker, MD
  3. Victoria at 10 Thousand Hours of Sewing
  4. Marinia at Frabjous Couture
  5. Lauriana at Petit Main Sauvage
  6. Amy at Cloth Habit
  7. Leisa at A Challenging Sew
  8. Anne at Clothing Engineer
  9. Jennifer at My Sewing Suite
  10. Annie at Enantiomer Project
Now I'm off to e) inform the nominees on their blogs!


  1. Sounds interesting! Good luck.

  2. Very interesting info about you. You did triathlons, I used to be a marathon runner.

    1. I started cycling in my early teens. I added track in high school as a sprinter and cross country in college to show my track coach that I could run more than half a mile without getting sick! I did my first triathlon when I was 17 and my last when I was 35. I always wanted to do a marathon, but I at this point, I will never be able to do it. I admire those who can mentally and physically endure a marathon.

  3. Hi, Annette! Thanks for the nomination -- I am flattered! I enjoyed reading more about you. I was raised by a math teacher and also wish there were better menswear patterns :)

    1. My poor kids hated that I was a math teacher! My poor daughter had to take algebra three times before she passed it. Her teachers would ask why she had problems with it.
      You are very welcome for the nomination. You definitely fill the inspiring part. I am staring at the poster city knit and trying to decide whether to make the tank dress like yours or something I would wear more often.

  4. Congratulations on your award! I love #8! I would love to see you put your talent to work ; ) Also, you must be one tough cookie to have done triathlons. I think races are metaphors for life. If you can be mentally tough enough to pace your self and persevere to the end, you can finish well!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I did reinstall my old Creative Suite 4 on my new Windows 8 laptop. I cannot get my old embroidery software to work on it. That is where I would like to use my graphic/digital art. I have been able to do work for my kids' classes and for church mixed with tbe embroidery or even quilting or piecing. I probably could use the photography on a regular basis. I have tons of equipment, including portable studio and lights. The web design on my blog would probably make my web design instructors cringe!

  5. I am in awe, triathlons? That is certainly not a sport for sissies. I completely understand not using a sewing room, today my youngest daughter told me to change the dining room which never gets used as a sewing room and I cringed, I use my corner of the living room and actually prefer it. Congrats on your Sunshine Blogger Award, well deserved!

    1. Thank you. I have plans to switch back to my sewing room. You know, use up the stash, organize the patterns and notion, etc. HA! It isn't happening soon.

  6. You have an interesting life. I miss teaching math, but that's ok since I end of teaching in my sleep.

    1. Dorothy, I find myself teaching everyday in one way or another. Math was just the vehicle and subject. I think the character teachers instill is more important than the subject itself. I am glad to see another fellow teacher missing it.