Thursday, April 10, 2014

McCall's Newest Patterns-Spring 2014

I only found three patterns that I must have from McCall's new spring line. I'm finding that what else is offered is either not my style or taste or I already have something similar enough.

But of these three I really want them. 

McCall's 6960
Now look at the loose tank in McCall's 6960. It just says summer to me. I am not a huge fan of the hi-lo, but I don't hate it either. This is definitely on my list for the next
sale at Joann's. Hopefully, it will be in stock.

McCall's 6968
M6968 Line Drawing
Okay, McCall's 6968 looks a little young for me. I think Butterick made the the top years ago and it is in my stash, but it is the shorts that I like. They look interesting. I don't know about the rest, but once I have the pattern, who knows what will be made.

McCall's 6954
I don't know why I like this dress. Perhaps because there is no fitting. I think that my fitting issues would not be an issue with this loose and flowing McCall's 6954. It is one of my must makes for the 100 degree plus days that will be here in the next few weeks.

There were many dress patterns, but none that jumped at me. Perhaps, I'm learning to manage my stash better. Perhaps, I'm being more picky. 

As for the other patterns, there were a couple of men's patterns. Neither of which I will buy. The pant/shorts are elastic pull-on pants. One had a henley--so does Thread Theory, only better. One has a loose fitting short sleeve shirt, I have a bunch in my stash.

No boys' patterns. But, some cute girls outfits. Some accessory and craft patterns. 

So, for Spring 2014, I will be adding three new patterns to my stash. Be on the lookout for these three mush haves for the HOT Sacramento summer coming up.


  1. Oh, I love both the HiLo shirt (#6960)and the fitted bodice top (#6968). One for each daughter! Definitely will be adding these to my ever growing pattern stash! Yeah!

    1. Your sweet to think of your daughters. I'm purely thinking of myself!

  2. PS. My local Joann's ad says McCall patterns are on sale April 10 - 12!

    1. I wish I could get there this week. I'm going to miss this sale, but between Hancocks and Joanns, I should b able to get it within a few weeks.

  3. The 6960 top is nice! I didn't see much else I liked, either. That stinks because I usually LOVE what Mccall's offers! Oh well! Maybe New Look will have a nicer selection.

    1. I think we like M6960 because there is no fitting, except the shoulders!

  4. 6961 is SO awesome to me!!! And I like the jumpsuit :)

    1. I love 6961, but with my shoulders, I would look like I was reviving the 80s shoulder pads. I would love to see it on my oldest son's girlfriend. The jumpsuit is just not me, but my daughter would look great in it. She actually wore something similar the other day.