Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anxiously Waiting for Ottobre Design Summer 2014 to Get Here!

Front Cover April 2014After years of indecision, I finally subscribed to Ottobre Design. I subscribed to both the kids and the women's. I now have two editions of the women's and anxiously waiting for the first kid's. It seems a little ironic that I am finally subscribing when my third child is just outgrowing their sizes and that my youngest is entering the largest sizes.

But, hey, better late than never!

It is now mid-April. I have been waiting very patiently. I mean, hey, I've been waiting until the mailman has walked away before pouncing on the mailbox and fumbling through it looking for my Summer 2014 issue. I finally decided to go to the website and found the pictures and the layout. I'm using this to drool over until the actual magazine arrives with more details. In fact, the publish date for subscribers is today. So, the impatient me wants to know where is it! Even though I really don't have time to sew anything from it right now.

I plan on using some of the smaller outfits for a neighbor's new baby and for my sewing for The Red Island Project. I also have some friends with younger kids who could use the patterns.

Who know, with two kids in their mid-twenties, maybe someday I'll get a grand-baby or half dozen to sew for...hint, hint.

April 2014 Ottobre Kids Sewing

There are a bunch if super cool patterns for the little ones and for girls. The cool tween or early teen boy clothes are limited. I'm not surprised. It's hard to dress a cool tween or early teen boy with any budget in ready-to-wear too.

So I have a couple outfits I want to try. I will need to make adjustments but I'm thinking Middle Son could do this, but either as shorts or with longer pants. The whole mid-calf length just looks like he's outgrown his clothes to me.

Ottobre April 2014 Boys

I know Youngest Son would probably go for it even if Middle Son doesn't. This next look, I'm thinking is for Youngest Son.
Ottobre April 2014 raglan shirt

I would like to make both for each one of them. It might work since boys aren't as freaked out seeing someone wearing what they are wearing.

I'll have to pass these by the when they are in the mood to look. Hopefully, I can get the okay...or even a grunt.


  1. How awesome that you subscribed to Ottobre!! I love Ottobre!! Every thing I have sewn from their magazine for my kids has been nice, with great fit. I hope you get your magazine soon.

    1. I'm so glad to hear such a good experience. My poor mailman is being watched by my three dogs and me until it arrives! I don't bark, just watch anxiously what comes out of his bag.

  2. They have some really nice patterns for kids. I sure wouldn't mind subscribing too.

    1. I am kicking myself for not subscribing when my kids were younger. They have some great useable women's clothing in the Women's edition. I can see myself wearing almost everything in the two women's editions that I have. I'm just waiting for time.

  3. I nominated you for the Sunshine and Shine On award. See my blog for more info.