Monday, March 24, 2014

Vogue Summer 2014

Vogue Summer 2014 New Patterns
My Grandma Sam, who was my main sewing teacher and cheerleader, was a McCall's loyalist. Occasionally, she would have a Vogue pattern. When I was first learning to read, I called it a "vague pattern." Grandma Sam and my mom laughed and said, "It's Vogue, but Vogue is vague," and they continued laughing.

Vague Vogue is one of my favorites of the Big 4 (if we count Kwik Sew, New Look and Burda it would be Big 7). The vagueness is not as much of an issue as it once was for me. I like the styles, and with the internet, I can turn to one of many fantastic sewists who have most likely tackled these issues.

Isn't the internet awesome? You can learn to do practically anything as long as you have internet access!
internet access!

Well, I got an email today announcing Vogues Summer 2014. I thought I would give some of my feedback.
Vogue 1392
I really like this Kay Unger, Vogue 1392. Unfortunately, I am really trying to make sure that I only buy for my body type. The wide off the shoulder is not good for my inverted triangle. I would look like a line backer. I really would like to see someone make it though.

Vogue 8998
This Vogue Easy Custom Options, Vogue 8998, reminds my of my little white dress. This one however has a round neck and all have the full skirt and the midriff band looks to be fewer pieces. I also am wondering if this has horsehair in the hem to keep it so full at the hem.

Vogue 8997
Vogue 8997 is another Custom Fit Options dress. I like that they have the options for A, B, C, and D cups. This one seems a little more casual and more practical for my stay at home lifestyle.

Vogue 8996
A great dress with pockets! Vogue 8996 is one of the Very Easy Vogue patterns. It is lined and did I mention that it has pockets! I like pockets.

Vogue 9008
Again, a Vogue Easy Options pattern, but this time Vogue 9008 is shorts. The shorts have the option of pleats or flat front, 3 length variations a contour waistband. The description says mock fly, but I don't see elastic on the notions list and it does list a zipper. I'm not sure what that means. It looks like a real fly to me.

Vogue 9015
Vogue 9015 is a Robe and Chemise. As much as I like it as a nightgown, I really need a slip and not one of those spanx, under bust things. This might fit the bill. I really don't need another robe, I already have a nice silk one--a nice fluffy one. But, to tell the truth, I usually grab my husbands super heavy double terry cloth one.

There were some other patterns, but none that look like something my wardrobe is dying for. Perhaps, I will just make do with what I have for now.

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  1. Ohh -- I like Vogue 8997. I had a slip/nightgown on my to-sew list - this on is very pretty.

    1. I think that it is pretty too. I have a dress that I need a slip for and I need/want a new nighty. And I want a pretty one. I just added it to my list of patterns for when they are on sale.

  2. Cute picks! I took a peek at Vogue's website, and II wish there were more styles that I liked overall (Vogue seems to fit me well too), but only a few stuck out to me. If I was done with my sloper, I would be a lot happier because I would have a good foundation to make any of these!! ; )

    1. Vanessa, I didn't find many that I have to have this time around. My sloper is on hold while I do some fabric art for a church function. I will blog about it, but not until it us revealed this Saturday morning.

  3. I loved 8996 and 8997 because of the pockets too! Must have for this summer. I stay at home also and this year I have really been making an effort to remember that. I have far too many cute dresses that simply are not practical in my everyday life.

    1. I think with mobile phone and kids that pockets are extremely important, especially around the house.

  4. I like the vogue offerings for summer, but likely won't buy anything as all that I like are too similar to one's in my pattern stash already and the two vintage vogues don't appeal much to me either. However, I don't have a shorts pattern, so that might be something to try. I like the slip, too, and also need some of those!

    1. Tanya, I think you hit the nail on the head. These patterns look like repeats and slight variations.