Saturday, March 1, 2014

And The Winner Is....

Is it really March? Mrs. Toad Sews has been around now for two full months. I need to thank those of you who have been following me for a day or the full two months or just stopping by for a quick look for making The Monthly Stitch's Miss Bossy Pattern Challenge a possibility. I had no idea if there would be so many votes.

Now for the winning pattern...

Simplicity 1696--Amazing Fit Jean
The Winner!
With 21 of the 61 votes, Simplicity 1696 Amazing Fit Jean will be the pattern for my Miss Bossy Pattern Challenge. Yippee! It is the one that I secretly wanted to win. But, I actually still want to sew the others and have the fabric bought, washed and waiting. I'm hoping to get to this within the next few weeks and not last minute like my February Pants Challenge.

Looking back at February's Goals

I successfully completed my Little White Dress and entered it into the Pattern Review Contest. I came no where near winning, but that was not the goal. I learned and practiced many new techniques and actually finished a large project that I might have set down and and disappointed myself, had I not had the contest. That is what the contest is for me. Incentive. Inspiration. 

Middle Son's New Ethan Button Down
I started and finished Middle Son's dress shirt using a pattern from a new to me pattern company. And I loved the shirt. I want to make another...and another...and another....

I participated in The Monthly Stitch's February Pants Challenge using the Named Jamie Jean, which I will be using to enter into the Pattern Review New to Me Pattern Contest. Don't worry, it is not a winning entry. I had originally planned to make a pair of dress pants for Mr. Toad, but that had to on hold for some pressing unplanned projects.

In addition to Mr. Toad's unfinished dress pants, I didn't finish the safari jacket that I planned to enter into the Inspired by the Movies Contest. There was a lot more hand work, that slowed me down. I plan to pick it up again around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

I also fell behind in the Marfy Free Pattern Sew Along with A Challenging Sew. I wanted to wait for the jacket before sewing the skirt. Luckily, Leisa is postponing the jacket until May. I think she was reading my mind on needing a break from so much hand sewing.

Award Ribbons
I also didn't get to the gift for a friend's daughter. I didn't get a chance to measure her and it just drifted off into the land of good intentions.

The unplanned projects were a set of fleece hoody and pants, a pair of long johns, and some machine embroidered award ribbons that I had to design, digitize a design, embroider and sew.

I really don't think that I did too bad. I did a lot in a very short month. Yes, two or three days are a lot.

Looking Forward to March

March has new goals and some unfinished older goals. Some based on need. Some based on wants.

  1. 6-8 Neckerchiefs for scout troop (before March 4)
  2. Badge sash for 2-3 boys in scout troop (before March 4)
  3. Miss Bossy Patterns Challenge--Simplicity 1696 Amazing Fit Jeans
  4. Pattern Review Fitted Blouse Challenge
  5. Finish the Safari Jacket
  6. Make Youngest Son a safety orange fleece hoody
  7. Make Youngest Son his own Ethan Button Down Shirt
  8. Make Youngest Son a pair of shorts
  9. Make Middle Son a pair of shorts
  10. Maybe...finish Mr. Toad's dress pants, but with a less expensive poly blend gaberdine

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  1. Yay!!!! I love the pattern that won! It is in my stash, and I am excited to see what you come up with before I attempt it.

  2. Vanessa, I will definitely think about what you while working on the Amazing Fit Jeans. Do you have anything specific you want to know?

  3. that's a lot of goals! all the best for the bossy challenge

    1. I need the goals to keep busy. I'm lucky enough not to be working, so my goals are different than they would be than if I were working.

  4. I wish I had your motivation to sew and actually finish projects! Good luck with your March goals!

    1. Kelly, putting my goals out for the world to see helps keep me motivated. Its bad enough to not complete goals in private. I also want others to know what to look forward to seeing.

  5. I love to see people who actually have a plan for the month! Nice sewing, Mrs. Toad!!

    1. Thank you Maris. I need a plan or I'll get thing productive done.

  6. Whoa! That is a busy month - you're inspiring me to list my month out too :) I really like the Ethan you pictured, it looks awesome.

    1. Stephanie, thanks for the compliment on the Ethan shirt. I really enjoy making button front shirts.
      If you are a goal oriented person, I would encourage you to write out your goals--even if you don't publish them. I like checking them off. I am already adding things to the next few months. I'm a bit compulsive!

  7. Wow, Annette! You look just as busy as I am for March if not more! lol

    Good luck! Can't wait to see how everything turns out :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tasha. You're been pretty busy yourself! I have some of the most important done or in progress.
      I'm not sewing today. Just resting to finish the month strong!