Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Camping Trip Detours Dress Pants

Kwik Sew 3773 View A
As I was struggling to figure out the front pocket facings, I found out that Middle Son needs (yes, I used italics to emphasize this need) non-cotton fleece pullover for his camping trip. Ugh!

I also was asked by Mr. Toad to make some award ribbons. He figures, I can just whip up some art, make a design, digitize it and embroider it. Hmmm. My family really thinks I can do more than I can. My Super Mom cape has been in the laundry pile and I can't be Super without it. Maybe if I catch up on laundry, I can wear my cape and get all these things done.

So after his consultation with an orthodontist, which is only blocks from a Hancock Fabrics,Middle Son and I decide to make a quick trip to grab some fleece. Like most fabric shoppers,  I have a way of looking for fabric. I do a quick glance over everything, do a walk through--of course I'm touching what grabs my eye--get a cart and start choosing what I think I want. Middle son has a different method, random aisles and bouncing from fuzzy fake fur, to rip stop, to fleece to denim, to sparkly stretchy sequin stuff. Oh, and he calls out "Mom, look at this....Mom, I need you to make ______ for ______." 
Named Jamie Jeans
This will fulfill two projecets:
The Monthly Sttich Pants &
Pattern Review New to Me Pattern Co.

I finally convinced him that he didn't need multicolored shaggy fake fur for a Halloween costume in February. So off we went to find his fleece. He settled on a navy blue while I grabbed Kwik Sew 3773, a basic no-zip hoody and sweat pants. I also wanted some fabric for a wearable muslin for Mr. Toad's dress pants. 

We also found some rip-stop in all three colors for the ribbons that Mr. Toad thinks I can create. I've also been trying to find the right designs to come up with an idea for the art work on the ribbons. The text is easy. I'm just not a graphic artist. I am also a very novice beginner at digitizing. 

So, for those of you waiting for the dress pants, it will be replaced by a pair of boring sweats, some attempts at making ribbon award thingys, and a pair of jeans.The jeans will be the replacement for the dress pants that I was making for the February Challenge at The Monthly Stitch

Thank you for joining my detour into guy clothes and maybe a little digitizing, embroidery and some craftiness. 

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