Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1--A new month, new monthly goals

January was productive. Two ponte pencil skirts, a men's flannel, a marfy blouse, a muslin for a little white dress, and much progress on the little white dress. I spent some time organizing and now I'm preparing for February.
Vogue 8890--I want to make these
dress pants for Mr. Toad.

I will continue to organize the patterns and fabric.

I will complete my Little White Dress. I am currently basting the dress for fitting. If the fitting is correct, I will machine stitch, make the lining, insert the zipper and sew the hem. I've been slowed down by family activities and a little rheumatoid flare. This must be done by February 15th.

The Monthly Stitch is focusing on pants. This will give Mr. Toad a pair of black dress pants made from some Italian wool I bought on sale from Michael's Fabrics a few years ago. Yes. Years. I am going to use the Vogue 8890. I also owe him a jacket. I think that may be March or April. Hopefully, of this year.

Vogue 8732--Claire Sheaffer's
Couture Collection
Pattern Review is having a contest that starts today. It is Inspired by the Movies. I'm inspired by this Claire Shaeffer pattern, Vogue 8732. I will be using a khaki colored rayon/linen blend that I picked up at my local Hancock's. I really like the couture hints that Claire Shaeffer gives. I actually use and read these directions. The inspiration for this safari jacket is from the 2010 movie Killers with Katherine Hiegl.
Killers--Katherine Hiegl's safari jacket is my inspiration
for the Inspired by the Movies Contest

I am also supposed to make a dress shirt for Middle Son. He has a swing dance competition, but at this point, his dance partner has not given him a color. The dance is on the 14th. Yep. That's Valentine's Day.

The last sewing commitment is for a friend's daughter. Her birthday is mid-February, so I should finish it by the 15th. I can't discuss it here, because she might discover her gift. I'll post it after she receives it.

My fabric for my Marfy Skirt and Jacket. The metalic
threads aren't visible in the fabric.
Since I am participating in the Marfy Free Pattern Sew-A-Long, I will be completing the skirt by the end of the month. I had fabric that I ordered, but it was lost in the mail. So, I ran over to my local Hancock's this morning and while I was looking for Kona Cotton in the correct color for a Scout badge sash, I found a beautiful green boucle. Get this. It was on sale for $9.99!!! originally $27. I bough 4 yards. And of course, since Murphy lives in our house, the original pink plaid boucle was sitting on the dining table. Now, I'll get two. Eventually.

So, I count 5 new projects and one to finish. That is a total of six finished projects for February. I was considering adding a pair of pants for myself and another gift project, but I think the couture items might slow me down.

Maybe I should add a time machine somewhere between the sewing machine and the serger?
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