Sunday, January 12, 2014

Update on New Look Pencil Skirt--New Look 0914 is now New Look 6228

If you look carefully, you can see 0914 in the Upper Right.
I was getting ready to write my review of the New Look pencil skirt on and I couldn't find New Look 0914 anywhere. I Googled it. I checked's extensive listing of patterns. I checked is the where New Look is listed. It didn't seem to exist. I checked the pattern.

The pattern envelope very clearly says 0914.

I decided to look at all the New Look skirts.

  There it was.

It had a different number!  

New Look 0914 is now New Look 6228. I just need to make sure that I note that on the envelope.

New Look 6228. My envelope says 0914
This skirt has really given me some trouble. However, it is an easy skirt to make and quick...if you don't make silly mistakes. For more about my fiascos: part one and part two

This isn't the first time I have found this. The last time the envelope had one number and the instructions another. I was very confused when I was trying to find the instructions while looking at the envelope.

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