Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Look 0914 or 6228, part one

For the last few days I have been attempting to finish a plaid flannel shirt for Mr. Toad.

Unfortunately, with the Winter Break there were kids home and Mr. Toad having time off, I was interrupted more than I made any progress. We did make some progress on cleaning and rearranging the garage, rearranged our bedroom. Cleaning up and undecorating from Christmas, all of this kept me from getting much sewing done.

I've been losing weight and my clothes are looking saggy and sad. I had one of those mornings that had me going through all of my clothes and most of my wardrobe ended up piled on the bed.

Nothing worked today.

I need a new wardrobe, but I can't go shopping because of the Ready-To-Wear Fast.

I need a sew for me day.

Something quick. Something easy. Something I already have planned.

I know what I want. A skirt.

I have one that has been on my list and the tissue is already cut. The grey ponte roma is already washed. I have the matching grey thread. I can do this and return to the stop and start sewing of the plaid flannel shirt in an hour, two tops.

So, I decided to time myself. Just out of curiosity.

I ran to get the fabric and thread and the pattern box, which I had recently reorganized. I pulled out the cutting mat, put the fabric on it and smoothed it, lining up the grain, went to get the pattern.

The pattern wasn't in the box. Ugh. I had another stack of patterns, but it wasn't there. I looked through another pile of fabric( yes, I know, I need to organize my fabric stash). I finally found it. It had slipped behind some the shelf that I had the fabric for the skirt. See, I put it together in an organized way.

The fabric was easy to cut. Five pieces, a two piece waistband, center front, center back, two front side and two back sides. I pinned the front center to the two front sides and the same for the back. I then pinned back to front and sewers them together. It looked big. So I tried it on haha, way too big. I thought I might need to take in the sides, but this was more than two inches too big.

I decided to take in each side panel a quarter inch from each panel for total of about 2 and a half inches. I tried it on and realized something wasn't right. I managed to sew the back and the front top to the back hem. So one is upside down and the other is right Side up.

So much for a quick sewing job. I was at one hour twenty minutes.

I didn't know if I should scrap it or rip out the beautiful stretch stitches.  I decided to have some hot cocoa and decide.

I have decided to rip out the stitches while watching some uninterrupted tv. Maybe a good Lifetime movie.

I'll post a review and an update when I actually finish. Here is part two.

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