Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Little White Dress announced the 2014 Contests and listed The Little White Dress as the first of the year. I had all kinds of ideas. Then I realized it is for a summer dress.

This year is a warm winter in Northern California, but the idea of anything without sleeves or two layers was mind boggling. But I persevered and came up with a few ideas. Then, the rules came out.

The Little White Dress is meant to be a classic dress that will last style-wise for many years. It is meant to be a basic dress that can be styled up or down with accessories. Hmmm. I don't do a lot of accessories. But, I can work with it.

I looked at the catalogs. I looked at fabrics. I was not going to give up.

Then, it hit me! I enrolled in and watched all of Susan Khalje's Couture Dress on Craftsy last year. I never made a dress because I hadn't found the perfect fabric. I liked the dress the way she made it, but probably would not have bought the pattern based on the envelope.

Now that I had the perfect pattern and the techniques to create it, I needed the perfect fabric. I knew I wanted natural in summer. Cotton seemed a little boring. Silk a little hard to control. Aha, LINEN! I love linen. It is cool, resists dirt, is not super fussy to work with and I like it.

So where would I find the white fabric in December? I looked at a few of the fabric stores on line, but didn't see what I wanted. Then, I remembered that I had ordered silk organza from Dharma Trading Company. They were fast and they have linen.

I promptly ordered some handkerchief linen in 54 inches, because I had a choice, as well as some habotia/China silk for the lining. I forgot to order some silk thread, but can get that locally. Now I have to wait for my fabric so that I can pre-treat it.

Remember, if you are doing a PatternReview contest you are not allowed to cut the fabric before the contest start date. You may cut out your pattern and make any adjustments. You may make a muslin. You may pre-treat your fabric, but do not cut your fabric until the contest starts. This one starts on January 16.

I'll be posting throughout on the contest and the progress of making the muslin.

Would anyone else like to join the contest?

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