Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Free Downloadable Tool to Tame the Stash

I'd like to to believe that I am not the only sewist who has more fabric than could be sewn in one's lifetime. 

Who can pass up a great buy, the perfect fabric for the pattern we haven't found yet? 

Or, "Oh, I need that, I have the perfect pattern!"

Or, I'm going to make (fill in the blank), as soon as I get a chance. 

So the fabric stacks up. Waiting. Waiting. Until it gets buried under the new finds and must haves. Until we forget what we have and how much. So using the stash becomes difficult. So, we buy more.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs to find a way to organize and know what is in those piles. I may have found it.

I first discovered it when Jennifer from My Sewing Suite shared that she was using it. It is available from Quilting Daily, but you do need to register on their site.

I like that it can be used either as a standard 3-ring binder or as a portable keyring binder with a loose binder clip.

I am dating myself, but I remember using the clips to organize index cards when writing papers. Oh, the days when organizing your notes and paper across the living room floor. My kids look at me like I’m nuts when I explain it to them. Sometimes, I think it was easier than trying to piece it on the computer and then accidentally deleting something.

My goal is to do as I am now doing with patterns and document as it come into the house. I just snap a photo of the front and back of my patterns and sync it to my Google+. Then I can see my patterns and information from any place on my phone or computer.

Back to the stash organizing.

I started by printing 10 pages of both onto white card stock. I figured white would be best to show the colors best. I then started cutting swatches from fabric as I measured, refolded and reorganized. I also filled out the information that I still had or knew. I just wish I could decide which will work best for me.

I’m adding some to the keyrings and some to binders based on what needs to be matched and what doesn’t. I think I’ll keep the keyring in a Ziplock with the Joann’s mailer in my going shopping purse so I don’t leave them at home. Don’t you hate it when you run to Joann’s for something and forget your coupons?????

I wish I could add some type of locator device to help me remember where I stash my stash. It’s hard to remember if it is in this set of drawers, or that set, or that trunk, or that trunk, or that box, or that closet or that bin… or...or….

I think it is time to use some of my stash.

Ok. I admitted it. I am a fabric stasher.

What’s the next step?

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