Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Ready-To-Wear Fast

Sarah at Goodbye Valentino sent out an open invitation to join her in a year long fast of buying clothing and sewing instead. She has had over two hundred responses, and counting. And I am one of them!

The fast requires making all of my own clothing for a year except for underwear, shoes and socks.

No stopping buy the store to get a new outfit.

No sneaking into the thrift store.


Just fabric scissors and a sewing machine. Well, patterns, buttons, zipper we s, thread and other sewing necessities will be required and allowed.

So I am on my way to creating a custom wardrobe made by me.

My family thinks I'm nuts. But like that I won't be shopping and spending on money on clothes that I complain about. I really have a hard time finding clothes that fits and that I like. Then, I usually don't like the price.

If you would like to see who else has been brave enough to accept Sarah's challenge, check out the loooong list of at

Please watch me over the next year to see how my wardrobe changes.

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